A few words about myself...

Welcome to Kiwi Art Studio.

My name is Alexandra, and I am an illustrator, graphic designer, and UI-UX designer. I have real experience with completed projects in graphic design, and I have satisfied clients who come back to me for more. People approach me for vector portraits, character designs, logos, identity for them companies, flyers, and portrait icons for various websites.

Currently, I am in the process of design album covers for music tracks. They will be available on the website soon, so stay tuned  🙂

I was born in Russia in the frost but kind city Novosibirsk. I have a second degree with honors in architecture from Novosibirsk State Academy of Architecture and Fine Arts.

I worked as an architect for nine years before moving to sunny Haifa in Israel. In Haifa, I worked as a landscape architect for 4 years. However, illustration had always been my first love, and I left architecture to work as a freelance illustrator. I also completed a course of graphic design and UI-UX design at John Bryce College in Haifa.

graduation project

The presentation of my diploma project.

Are you still here, and haven't run away yet?

% discount on the illustration for your patience and attention😊

Thanks to extensive experience as an architect and landscape architect, I am skilled at working in a team and handling a large volume of work within short deadlines.

I have extensive experience working with various graphic design software and I am committed to continuous professional development and learning to deliver the best service to each client.

The programs I work with

Adobe Illustrator Icon: Graphic Design and Vector Illustration Software

Adobe Illustrator

It is one of my favorite programs. Vector graphics are a pleasure 😊

Adobe InDesign Icon: Professional Desktop Publishing Software

Adobe InDesign

It is an excellent program! I highly recommend it👍

Adobe Photoshop Icon: Powerful Image Editing and Graphic Design Software

Adobe Photoshop

It is a must-have for a graphic designer❗

Adobe Dreamweaver Icon: Professional Web Design and Development Software

Adobe Dreamweaver

You can write any code with it.

Adobe XD Icon: User Experience and Interface Design Software

Adobe XD

It is a very pleasant program for creating animation of app prototypes😄

Procreate Icon: Digital Painting and Illustration App


I really love it! It's every illustrator's dream💗

WordPress Icon: Website Creation and Content Management Platform


Cool websites are created there.

"Adobe Autodesk Icon: Creative Tools for Design, Engineering, and Entertainment


It is a must-have for architects.

CorelDRAW Icon: Vector Graphics and Illustration Software


Only if there is no Adobe Illustrator nearby 🤭

ArchiCAD Icon: Architectural Design and Modeling Software


It's a beloved program for architects. Comfortable like home slippers😂 Love it!

3ds Max Icon: Professional 3D Modeling and Animation Software

3d MAX

Excellent program for 3d visualization

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